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Kipinš 0.2.1 released!

2006-03-31 23:04

Lots of bugfixes. New HTML Generator. And much more.

Download 0.2.1 from SourceForge page.

The project is not dead!

2005-01-29 13:17

Well, it was a long time ago when I wrote something here last time. Last summer I wrote here that I'll be six months in the army, but then something weird happened and now I still have 44% (160 mornings) of the military service left.

But, that doesn't mean the development of Kipinš should stop. 0.2.0 will be there soon.

Kipinš 0.1.1: A bugfix version released!

2004-07-31 18:04

Fortunately I received a mail after being three weeks in the army. It turned out to me that Kipinš 0.1.0 was seriously broken. This version has fixes for all the problems I know about. It should be much more usable than 0.1.0 was.

Download 0.1.1 from SourceForge page.

Kipinš 0.1.0: The first pretty stable version released!

2004-07-11 17:40

This will be the latest version some time, because I'll be in the army tomorrow. It will take six months of good developing time :/

But the development of Kipinš will continue in January 2005.

Before that, download 0.1.0 from SourceForge page.

Debian package for Kipinš!

2004-07-08 22:22

David Moreno Garza has packaged Kipinš 0.0.9 for Debian.

So go and test it:

Kipinš 0.0.9 : Testing version released!

2004-07-06 20:39

There have been many changes after the 0.03 release, see Release Notes to view the complete list of changes

Download it from SourceForge page.

Web server load too high for my bandwidth!

2004-06-24 19:12

I had to move screenshots to SourceForge server today because the upstream bandwidth of my server is very limited (256 kbps).

This doesn't cause any further problems, though. And screenshots page should work much faster now.

Kipinš 0.03 : Bug fix version released!

2004-06-22 17:12

This version contains fixes for two bad bugs in New Workout dialog.


Download it from SourceForge page.

Kipinš 0.02 : Bug fix version was released yesterday!

2004-06-21 12:00

This version contains fixes for build problems that 0.01 had.

A few critical bugs have been found since yesterday. 0.03 Will be released very soon.

Download it from SourceForge page.

Kipinš 0.01 : first public release!

2004-06-17 20:26

The first public release of Kipinš, 0.01 has been released today.

Download it from SourceForge page.

Web page updates

2004-02-05 20:50

Website starts to look nice, IMHO. There has been some progress with kipinš itself too. CalendarView widget seems to work well now. It just needs to have a bit more functionality before the first public release of kipinš.

There are also some other things which needs to be done before I'll release anything for public.


2004-02-02 21:05

The website of the kipinš project is online!