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CVS ChangeLog

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2004-07-07 21:16  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Show file name in the window title.
	* src/kptraininglog.c: Improved error handling.
	* src/gui/kpviewmodel.c: Moved a function from kpmainwindow.c.

2004-07-06 19:33  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/kpplugin.c: Fixed a bug in GError handling.
	* src/kptraininglog.c: Removed an unused function.

2004-07-06 19:03  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/kptraininglog.c: Added some error stuff. There is still work to
	  do with error handling.
	* src/kpmainwindow.c: Some error handling improvements. Added Save
	  As -functionality.
	* src/kpchartview.c: Made new filter system to work with translated

2004-07-05 17:54  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/kptraininglog.c: Added things to keep track on sports that are
	  in the log. Finalize () now does some real destroying.
	* src/gui/kpchartview.c: Added to have some more chart functionality.
	* src/kplistview.c: Some fixes. Added Sport-column.
	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Some fixes for the basic functionality.
	* src/gui/kpstatusbar.c: New items to show view type and the viewer.

	  - Now needs GTK+ 2.4 as we use the new GtkFileChooser thing.

2004-06-27 17:50  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kplistview.[ch]: Added list view.
	* src/kpcalendarentry.c: Added get_human_name () virtual function to
	  get translated name of types, like "Workout" and "Comment".
	* src/kptreeview.c: Bug fixes.
	* po/fi.po: Updated finnish translation.
	* po/ Added some files.
	Much more some small things..
2004-06-27 13:02  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kpstatusbar.[ch]: Small fixes.
	* src/gui/kpnewsplitworkoutdialog.[ch]: Changed _new () function
	  prototype to not require KPCalendarView instance.
	* src/gui/kpnewcommentdialog.[ch]: Changed _new () function
	  prototype to not require KPCalendarView instance.
	* src/gui/kptreeview.c: New Split workouts and Comments can be added
	  now with popup menu.
	  Fixed a nasty typo bug, I should have passed d, m, y as arguments to
	  a function, and instead of that I had passed y, m, y. Huh.

2004-06-27 00:02  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kppreferencesdialog.c: Made statusbar items configurable via
	  preferences dialog.
	* src/kpchart.c: Added signal handlers for log changes to keep display
	Miscellanous fixes.

2004-06-26 19:53  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kplogstore.c: Bugfix: added some row_changed-notifications
	  to keep treeview updated correctly.
	* src/gui/kpstatusbar.c: Added some functions.
	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Made statusbar messages more precise.

	Many small changes..

2004-06-26 17:29  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/kptraininglog.c: Really important bugfix, g_list_remove was used
	  without using the return value, huh!

	* src/kpcalendarview.c: Moved signal handlers for log from

	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Fixes for handling new/open/save -things.
	  They still don't work as they should :/

	Fixes for statusbar in many files, some code cleanups, some small
	changes here and there.

2004-06-24 18:58  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/ Added kpstatusbar.[ch]

	* src/gui/kpstatusbar.[ch]: Wrote own implementation of statusbar to
	  be more suitable for kipinä.

2004-06-24 17:49  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Kipinä can now remember the size of tree
	  view if "save_window_geometry" is set.
	  Also the bug that caused "show_sidebar" not to work is fixed.
	* src/gui/kpchart.c: Popup menu fixed, it contained an extra
	  separator at the bottom of the menu.

2004-06-24 15:09  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/mainwindow.c: If strftime () gives us something that is not
	  valid UTF-8, try to convert it.

2004-06-24 14:09  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kplogstore.c, src/gui/kplogstore.h: Added function
	  kp_log_store_get_iter_type () to be able to get iter type
	  easily in the code of src/gui/kptreeview.c.
	* src/gui/kptreeview.c: Fixed popup menu behavior to disallow
	  clicking menuitems that can't done anything for some kind of
	  entries in the tree. This caused just some g_return_if_fail ()
	  warnings before.

2004-06-23 23:53  Ville Kangas  <>
	* src/gui/kpcalendarview.c: Popup menu's useless items are now
	  insensitive when there are no entries in a day.
	* src/kpworkout.c, src/kpworkout.h: Removed 'type' from KPWorkout
	  structure, to use kp_workout_set_sport() and kp_workout_get_sport()
	  in the future.
	* src/gui/kpnewsplitworkout.c: Added missing _() call to a few
	* po/fi.po: Updated finnish translation.
	* po/ Added some files which were missing.
	  Some other fixes related to translations and removing 'type' field 
	  from KPWorkout's structure.
2004-06-23 19:49  Ville Kangas  <>

	* xml/default_config.xml: Added default configuration file that can be
	  used when user starts kipinä first time.
	* src/kpsettings.c: Support for loading default config if there is no
	  config in ~/.kipina/config.
	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Added code for saving window geometry at exit.

2004-06-22 23:55  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kpnewworkoutdialog.c: Fixed many things. Before this update,
	check_values ()-thing was seriously broken. Now it's at least not that
	much broken :-)

	* src/kpsettings.c: kp_settings_save () can now create a directory
	~/.kipina if it doesn't exist to save configuration in there.

2004-06-22 16:59  Ville Kangas  <>
	* Released 0.03.

2004-06-22 16:34  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kpnewworkoutdialog.c: Fixed a bug. Distance field
	  was treated as if it was duration entry, with
	  kp_is_valid_duration_str (). Changed that to kp_number ().
	  For example distance '123' was converted to '1:23' => 83.

2004-06-21 11:56  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Fixed a bug in navigation menu.
	* src/gui/kpnewworkoutdialog.c: Fixed a bug in new workout dialog,
	  in check_values ().
	* po/fi.po: Updated finnish translation.

2004-06-20 19:15  Ville Kangas  <>
	* kipina.desktop: Added & fixed some stuff.
	* Added icon_DATA for kipina.png

	Other minor changes..

2004-06-19 20:22  Ville Kangas  <>

	* xml/glade/ Some small changes.
	* kipina.desktop: Added default comment.
	* Added.
	* Added.
	* Added.
	* kipina.png: Added.

	Fixed some source files to prevent compiler warnings.

2004-06-17 21:36  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Fixed bug in save_logfile () function.

2004-04-29 13:29  Ville Kangas  <>

	* Implemented popup menu for KPCalendarView.
	* CalendarEntryInfoDialog is done mostly. It needs some	work, though.

2004-04-21 23:02  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Added some functions to be able
	to get something useful done by plugins.
	* src/plugins/*: Polar S410-thing doesn't work.

2004-04-06 15:16  Ville Kangas  <>

	Hmmh, big changes there in the source tree.

	* Removed src/hrm/*
	* Removed src/gui/kptransferdialog.[ch]

	* Added src/plugin.[ch]
	* Added src/plugins
	* Added src/plugins/s410

	* Some other smaller changes

	So, there is now support for run-time loadable modules, wow.
	The code for that was written by me but it's almost just a
	simplified version of Gaim's plugin-system. So, thanks for
	Gaim guys for the module-ideas!

	There is just one plugin right now, and it doesn't even work :)
	It's an important plugin for me, though. With it (s410) you
	can read data from Polar S410 Heart Rate Monitor. And thanks for
	ability to support this goes to Tomás Oliveira de Silva who wrote
	the code to decode that data

	Hopefully I'll get the plugin to work soon..

2004-03-25 22:02  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/kpmarshalers.c, src/kpmarshalers.h, src/kpmarshal.list: Added
	  these to be able to use not-so-common signal prototypes in 
	  KPTrainingLog signals "entry-added" and "entry-removed".

	* src/gui/kplogstore.c, src/gui/kplogstore.h, src/gui/kptreeview.c,
	  src/gui/kptreeview.h: Added some functions to implement basic

	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Some cleanups.

	* src/gui/kptraininglog.c: Some signal changes.

2004-03-24 22:43  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/kptraininglog.c, src/kpmainwindow.c: Fixed bug that caused crash
	in certain conditions when workout was removed from the log.

2004-03-22 21:13  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kplogstore.c, src/gui/kplogstore.h: Wrote a GtkTreeModel to
	handle workouts easier.

	* src/kptraininglog.c, src/kptraininglog.h: Added function
	kp_training_log_foreach () to use with KPLogStore.
	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Some changes which were caused by the new
	KPLogStore thing.

2004-03-10 23:16  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/gui/kptreeview.c, src/gui/kpmainwindow.c: Implement function
	kp_tree_view_remove_mark () to update tree when calendar entries
	are removed.

2004-03-09 19:10  Ville Kangas  <>

	* po/fi.po: Updated finnish translation to represent current situation
	with strings.
	* src/gui/kptreeview.c, src/gui/kppreferencesdialog.c,
	src/gui/kpnewworkoudialog.c, src/gui/newsplitworkoutdialog.c:
	i18n-fixes for strings.
2004-03-09 17:56  Ville Kangas  <>

	* src/kputil.[ch]: Added functions kp_get_month_name () and
	kp_get_month_num () to help handling localized month names
	in KPTreeView.

	* src/gui/kpmainwindow.c, src/kptraininglog.c: Updated these to
	work with those tree month names instead of month numbers.

	* src/kpcalendarentry.h: Fixed function protype which had "xmlNodePtr
	*node".	Ymh, I hate those pointer-typedefs so much..

2004-03-08 20:01  Ville Kangas <>
	Hmmh, haven't updated this file much lately :/ Well, I should
	now get rid of my bad habits.

2003-12-10 16:50  Ville Kangas <>
	* Almost *.c: cleanups, fixes. Also almost all compiler warnings fixed.

2003-10-11 17:00  Ville Kangas <>
	* format.c, xml.c: cleanup.

2003-09-29 12:33  Ville Kangas <>

	* Fixed a bug in new_workout.c, which caused weird
	behavior with params.

2003-09-25 21:33  Ville Kangas <>
	* Fixed few bugs. HTML-output-button works now.
	XSL-script has much to do..

2003-08-30 19:29  Ville Kangas <>
	* src/workout.c, src/traininglog.c: Fixed few bugs.

2003-08-29 15:15  Ville Kangas <>

	* Almost complete rewrite has done during this summer,
	calendar almost works now and TrainingLog works.

2003-04-03 15:33  Ville Kangas <>

	* src/gui/mainwin.c, src/gui/mainwin.h: Added.
	* Added.

2003-03-31 19:05  Ville Kangas <>

	* Some changes in some files :-)
	* Preparing to rewrite the whole gui-code with GladeXML.. 

2003-02-21 14:35  Ville Kangas <>

	* src/gui/report_view.c: Added.
	* src/gui/report_view.h: Added.
	* Added check for libxml2.
	* icons.h: Added xml-icon.

2003-02-09 15:16  Ville Kangas <>
	* src/html.c, src/html.h: Removed.

2003-02-09 15:06  Ville Kangas <>

	* src/gui/dialogs/dialog-graphics.c, src/gui/dialogs/dialog-graphics.h,
	src/graphics.c, src/graphics.h: Removed.
	* src/gui/gui-note-week_cal.c: Removed the graphics-button.

2003-02-09 14:52  Ville Kangas <>

	* src/kipina.c: Cleaned.
	* default-settings.h: Added.
	* src/gui/gui-main.c, src/gui/gui-main.h: Changed gui_main()'s protype to
	return nothing instead of int as it was before. gui_main never returns 
	anything, so this is cleaner.
	* src/settings.h, src/settings.c:  New settings-handling uses
	GHashTable. It _should_ work.

2003-02-09 14:31  Ville Kangas <>
	* Toolbar works again now.
	* icons.h: Added icons for "graph" and "calendar".

2003-02-09 11:39  Ville Kangas <>

	* src/gui/toolbar.c: Added
	* src/gui/toolbar.h: Added

2003-02-09 10:37  Ville Kangas <>

	* src/tur_sett.c: removed
	* src/tur_sett.h: removed
	* src/gui/dialogs/dialog-new-exercise.c: Fixed BUG that crashed kipinä
	when one pressed the ok-button in new exercise-dialog.

2003-02-09 10:36  Ville Kangas <>

	* Started Changelog.