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FAQ Contents

1. What is the thing with kipinš and kipina?

Well, kipinš is the name of the project but as everyone knows, non-ASCII characters can break things. So, alias "kipina" must be used in some places.

For example

Things will probably change in the future. For instance, unicode is becoming more common. It will make it easier to use some exotic characters in filenames etc. UTF-8 is actually used in some parts of the kipinš. GTK+ and libxml2 use UTF-8 internally and so on.

2. So why don't you just pick some other name which is plain ascii?

The fact is that I want the program to have that name because I like it.

3. What does the name kipinš mean?

Kipinš is a finnish word which basically means quite the same as the english word spark. But in this case it means the great enthusiasm for training that all athletes should have.