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Kipinš project was started in 2002. In the beginning, I wasn't sure what kind of program Kipinš should be. When I started the project, I wrote some code in Perl, but I quickly understood that wasn't what I wanted. So, after that I wrote some code in Java, but I still didn't really know what I was doing.

But then, in May 2003, I thought it would be nice to write Kipinš in C to have GUI using GTK+ as I was using many GTK+ applications already. (Well, to be honest, I first coded in C as CLI application but that didn't feel the right decision.)

There was just one big problem with coding Kipinš in C: I didn't know any C at that time :-) Fortunately, I did know basics about programming, so it didn't took so long to have some basic skills in C. After that, only learning to use GTK+ APIs was really painful at the beginning.


At the moment, all the code in Kipinš is written by me. That is, a bit over 20 000 lines of C code (raw wc -l).

I have the CVS repository in my own computer without public access to it. Although I have written all the code myself, there have been many suggestions by others.

In the future, all the help would be appreciated. There are many things which need to be done, like translations, documentation etc.

The current state of the project

At this time, Kipinš is in version 0.0.9. That means, it is not really stable enough to real use. (I'm using it myself without problems though.)

Achieved goals


The future

Next six months

There won't be much development in the next six months, because I'll go to the army 12th July. But after that I would like to see Kipinš project to evolve faster again.


Before reaching the version number 1.0 Kipinš must be real alternative to all equivalent commercial programs. Much work needs to be done before that but I the day will come.

Other things

Ville Kangas <ville at mirjami dot net>